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Sifteo Cubes

Sifteo Cubes are small wireless cubes that allow the user to do a range of activities with them. They connect to a computer using a USB radio link and there own Creativity Kit, in which you are feel to program the cubes yourself or use the premade software for them. The cubes register bing moved, shaken, flipped and rotated, making them good for games using you hand, and good for puzzles for young children.



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PlayStation Move

The Playstation move is a mostion-sencing game controller for the playstation 3. Similar to the Nintendo Wii controller you use the Move controller to make gestures to what you want to do in the game. There moves you make are then picked up by the “PlayStation Eye” a camera that senses the motion of the Controller.

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XBOX 360 Kinect

Originally project Natal, the XBOX Kinect is a motion sensing input device created by microsoft. It consists of a camera-style peripheral and allows the user to use the XBOX without of the need of a game controller. Instead the user commands the XBOX 360 is gestures and spoken commands.

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